The lake

Lake and sails

Natural jewelry of 43 hectares surface area, 350 metres wide, 930 metres long, with a circumference of 3,090 kilometres, inviting you to wander and get away from it all... The lake of Enghien is the symbol of our town and a marvellous example of natural heritage.

Its origins lie in the simple "Etang Neuf d'Anguien or Montmorenci" (new Anguien or Montmorenci pond), where a windmill could be found. From the 19th Century onwards, activity developed on the site, following Father Cotte's 1766 discovery of a sulphurated water spring, which gave rise to Enghien's spa culture.

George Sand, Ingres, Alexandre Dumas, Jean-Jacques Rousseau, Princess Mathilde, Napoleon III, Aristide Briand, Louis Blanc, Karl Marx and many other individuals, both famous and unknown, have let their thoughts drift around this lake, the birthplace of Mistinguett, which has bewitched princes, divas and multimillionaires from all over Europe. Now let yourself be charmed by this protected site, a real peaceful haven set in an oasis of green.

Walking around the lake will give you the opportunity to admire beautiful gardens and remarkable trees, observe the many birds and the fine houses which bear testimony to the history of our town.

Following the jetty/promenade bordered with hundred year-old plane trees, you will discover the different venues for wellbeing at its source, brought together under the exclusive “Rives d'Enghien Lucien Barrière” concept: the Casino, Theatre, Spark centre, Baths, Business Centre, Hotels and Restaurants...

Lined with beautiful houses and gardens, the lake is a major center of water activities and sports: sailing, rowing, pedal boats and fishing. The Esplanade Patenôtre-Desnoyer (rue du General de Gaulle) is a favorite spot for visitors and offers a wide view of the lake, theater, the Rose Garden and the Casino. More beautiful views from the avenue de Ceinture and the boulevard du Lac.

Lake at night
Lake at night
Panoramic view of the lake

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